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Micolac Travels & Tours Ltd

Micolac Travels & Tours Ltd

Micolac Travels and Tours Ltd is one of the Best Top 10 Travel Agencies in Nigeria based in Lagos. The Company is incorporated in Nigeria by the Corporate Affairs Commission with RC 1615482. We are powered by resourceful travel partners; experienced tour operators and skilled personnel who are knowledgeable in world travel industry and are ready to organize interesting tour packages tailored to suit your travel needs. Since inception in 2010, we have helped over 13,000 business travelers, vacation tourists, and group travel institutions to plan their holiday trips, school excursions, and business conference itineraries.

Our high quality tour and travel services include arrival visa application services, destination wedding reservations, hotel bookings, travel insurance, air ticketing, honeymoon and weddings anniversary, business seminars and special events ticketing. Other international travel packages include students educational tour, employees vacation tours, medical treatment and study travel arrangements. Contact us now to request a quote. Our global travel networks of suppliers and service providers give us the muscle to negotiate discounted packages on your behalf.

Travelers FAQs

Frequent Questions Our Customers Ask

Welcome to Micolac Travels, a  leading Travel and Tour Agency in Lagos Nigeria. Our travel consultants can help you select the most exciting places and travel routes across the world. Our popular travel and tourism destinations include United Kingdom, France, United States, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt, Turkey, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Singapore, Caribbean Countries, China, Australia, Houston, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Canada.

When you plan your corporate travel or vacation travel with us, we help you book cheapest flight tickets ahead of your departure date. We help you save travel costs; get the best hotel deals and car rental services that will not break your bank account between one and four months before you fly. As 24/7 online travel agency with great customer support, we will manage all fare cancellation in real life and ensure you get your refund or planed online booking where necessary.

As your trusted travel firm in Nigeria with a team of best travel agents
in the travel industry niche; our aim is to bargain for all inclusive package and secure the lowest prices on your behalf, so you don’t have to face unexpected expensive fare rise. Whether you’re travelling solo, or with a group of friends or families who are aged 18 to 70 years;  there is an interesting travelling package designed to suit your budget. Our trip packages include Economy Class, Comfort Class, Business Class and Luxury Packages. We offer a wide range of Family Adventures Packages, African Safari Tours, Couple Vacation Trips, Valentine Leisure Travel Solutions, and School Escorted Sightseeing Tours around the globe.

At Micolac Travels and Tours Ltd, the safety of our passengers and travelers is a major priority to us. We ensure that each trips is insured with comprehensive travel insurance cover and we carry out safety checks to monitor the events and activities very closely. We make all operational decisions based on informed advice from travel professionals and major airliners who are leaders in both foreign and local  travel safety precautions and regulations.

We select many of our city hotels with customers’ safety in mind; ensuring that the hotels are healthy, exiting and conducive for your relaxation atmosphere. Your travel medicals and vaccination requirements would differ between nations and jurisdictions. Nevertheless, our travel managers would help you navigate these huddles. We strongly asked that you seek professional travel advice from your local embassy, travel documents department or from experienced travel doctors for more details about current vaccination required and documentation in your preferred travel destination city or region.

Generally airport transfers are not included in your trip price, unless you’re travelling on a Comfort Package, or other advanced packages where arrival transfer benefit is included. This is also available when you booked with any independent travel agent that is connected to us. However, you can add arrival and/or departure transfer option to your tour package when you book your trip on this our online travel website.

Here, we often indicate the price you can expect to pay for a taxi drive from the airport to your booked hotel room. Usually, the cost of this transfer may be a little more than hiring an ordinary taxi or cab; but it is important to remember that you are paying for a private service and a trusted driver who will provide the desired security and informed city directions you need as you arrive a foreign country. Please Contact us for more information on how to book our car rental services.

At Micolac Travels and Tours Ltd, we want our travelers to be as comfortable as possible. We provide detailed information on customers’ journey accommodations based on request. However, we have a few prestigious places in each major cities of the world where we can alternate your individual and group travel plans. As a visiting tourist to Nigeria, be sure to get a full list of best hotels in Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt Nigeria with affordable hotel rooms at your destination country. Usually, we supply all necessary information and hotel details on our first meeting days; before your travel schedule.

Some of our accommodation standards you should expect include
general quality and safety standards for all public areas like bars, lounges, receptions, restaurants, lobbies, swimming pools, meeting areas, banquet halls, car parks, etc. All our hotel accommodations are fitted with good lighting systems, ventilators, air conditioning, DVD players, television sets, telephones, refrigerators, luggage racks, and conducive bedding systems. You will get single rooms, double rooms, luxury rooms, bridal suites, coffee shop, etc., with all rooms having their own entrances to ensure your privacy.

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We ensure 80% Visa success for applicants; including accurate Visa application response, document vetting, pre-interview.

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Don’t get stranded with baggage at the arrivals. Get roundtrip car rental for airport transfers, pickup and drop-off services.

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Find great hotel deals, room reservations at lowest cost. Book best hotel apartments at any city in Nigeria and around the world.

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Plan your visit to popular events around the world. Save-up airfare, cruise tourist attractions, fun parks and natural reserves.